Development Version

v1.1.0 [8th Jan 2018]

This version is the version used for all plots in Murray, Robotham, Power (2018), and is released along with that paper. There are many changes in the code from previous versions, the result of a couple of years of sporadic work.



  • Changed default weighting from 1 to 0 in get_fit_curve.
  • Added tests for the PerObjLikeWeights class.
  • Added tests for nbar and rhobar for general m in ``MRP` subclasses.
  • Changed imports so that they wouldn’t show up in docs
  • Many improvements to documentation (including this file!)


  • Fixed issue setting log_mmin in IdealAnalytic
  • Fixed issue in which nbar and rhobar are wrong if mmin is not m.min() in MRP subclasses.