API SummaryΒΆ

mrpy.base.special Definitions of all special functions used throughout mrpy.
mrpy.base.stats A module defining the TGGD distribution (as well as in log and ln space) in standard R style.
mrpy.base.core Basic MRP functionality, such as functions to generate the MRP with different normalisations.
mrpy.extra.physical_dependence Module containing functions for the dependence of MRP parameters on physical parameters, defined with respect to Behroozi+13.
mrpy.extra.likelihoods Provides classes which extend the basic mrpy.core.MRP class.
mrpy.extra.analytic_model A module defining the likelihoods and related quantities involved when the data is purely ideal and analytic.
mrpy.extra.reparameterise Provides classes which implement variations of the MRP, in which the parameters have been transformed.
mrpy.fitting.fit_curve Routines that implement simple least-squares fits directly to dn/dm without errors.
mrpy.fitting.fit_sample Routines that implement fits directly to samples of masses (or other values drawn from a TGGD).