Basic MRP functionality, such as functions to generate the MRP with different normalisations.

Note that in this package, the MRP will refer to the truncated generalised gamma distribution (TGGD), with added arbitrary normalisation. We will always directly apply it to halo mass functions, (HMFs), and so the variate will generally be mass, m, and the relevant default scales will be large.

This does not in principle restrict the usage of the MRP for other applications, such as luminosity functions or other data.


A_rhom(logHs, alpha, beta[, rhom]) The normalisation required to bind all matter in halos of some scale:
dndm(m, logHs, alpha, beta[, mmin, norm, log]) The MRP distribution.
entire_integral(logHs, alpha, beta) The entire integral of the un-normalised mass-weighted non-truncated MRP:
log_mass_mode(logHs, alpha, beta) The mode of the log-space MRP weighted by mass.
ngtm(m, logHs, alpha, beta[, mmin, norm, log]) The integral of the MRP, in reverse (i.e.
rho_gtm(m, logHs, alpha, beta[, mmin, norm, log]) The mass-weighted integral of the MRP, in reverse (ie.


MRP(logm, logHs, alpha, beta[, norm, …]) An MRP object.